A Winter Delight

One holiday I always look forward to during the year is Christmas, not just because of the extravagant lights, the cutting down of the Christmas trees, or even the gifts. I love Christmas because of the gathering that it brings with loved ones. This year was no different except I got to capture a gathering that unified one of my favorite couples, Brittany and Mikey.

I've known Brittany for quite sometime now as my best friend is her sister so I'm usually there to witness her life, both the good times and bad. I can tell you the day Mikey came into Brittany's life was when I saw her at her happiest, even with her daughter Olivia. Mikey treats Olivia as if she was his own (peep the adorable you are my sunshine necklace he gifted her at the end).

The wedding day was no different when you saw the joy these three felt when they officially became a family of three, despite the 20 degree weather. ;) I not only got to offer my services of photography but also contribute my love for florals which made this even more memorable for me to capture. Also, can you tell this is just in her parents backyard?!

As you can see, you can't tell that we were all freezing our little butts off as these images turned out so beautifully. Brittany even did her own hair and makeup (Gatsby vibes anyone?). I'm SO excited I get to relive this day again by sharing these pictures. Thank you again Brittany and Mikey for letting me play such a big part in your special day!


Photography: Myself

Dress: Baltic Born

Florals: Myself & Tiffany Pierce

Cake/Cupcakes: My Mom

Hair/Makeup: The Bride