Abby + Salonick

I met with Abby a few months back when she was deciding between an intimate elopement style wedding versus a more traditional wedding that included her extended family & friends. I let her know regardless of whichever route she chooses that I will love to be there to capture the moment.

In the end, Abby decided to go with the more traditional route for her big day and let me tell you with the short amount of time she had to plan everything it turned out beautiful! The wedding was held at a venue that was once a gristmill built back in the 1800s. They transformed this Mill into a gorgeous venue known as Yarborough Mill. This venue still held onto most of the vintage feel that accompanied it back in the day and as you can tell from the images I took full advantage of that!

I'm beyond excited to share just a glimpse into what Abby & Salonick's special day looked like. Thank you again Abby for allowing me to take part in this moment for you. I hope to capture many more milestones for you & Salonick!